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Super Minds

Written by a highly respected author team, Super Minds is carefully crafted to help your students achieve their full potential. As well as full coverage of the all language needed at this level, the course has a unique focus on developing students’ thinking skills, creativity and awareness of social values.

Engaging characters accompany learners on their journey, each with special super powers. As the students grow, so do the characters, and new faces are introduced every two levels.

Key features:

• The course methodically enhances your students’ thinking skills, with activities specifically designed to train their memory and improve their concentration

• Lively stories give children the opportunity to explore social values

• Guided visualisation exercises and arts and crafts activities develop their creativity

• Two-page CLIL sections encourage students to apply English to the world around them

• A revision lesson at the end of each unit helps students to consolidate their learning

Authors: Herbert Puchta, Günter Gerngross and Peter Lewis-Jones

Complete Beginner to Pre- intermediate
Super Minds