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Greenman & the Magic Forest

This Pre-primary course is based on the adventures of two children, Nico and Sam, and their encounter with the magical protector of the forest – Greenman. Their animal friends from the forest also accompany them and the pupils as they learn about looking after the environment, enjoying the outdoors and having a healthy and active lifestyle.

 The course is based on stories along with fun songs and chants which focus on aspects of the holistic approach in pre-primary learning. The activities are designed to cater for all learning styles and take in mind the differing abilities at this age.

Key features

  • A whole-child holistic approach to learning.
  • A strong routine-based course with the seasons and nature as a central part of the course.
  • Stories to combine the magic forest with children in real-life situations – a combination of fantasy and the real world which the children can relate to.
  • Catchy songs are used with TPR (Total Physical Response) activities.
  • A solid integrated phonics syllabus.
  • A variety of activities that are clearly matched to the abilities of pre-primary pupils.

Authors: Marilyn Miller, Karen Elliott and Sarah McConnell.

Complete Beginner
Pre A1
Greenman & the Magic Forest